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Medical Invention Consulting

For assessing, commercializing, and investing in medical technology.

Assessing Medical Technology

Medical Invention Consulting assesses medical devices' clinical and commercial potential.

Proper assessment of medical devices and their commercial potential, is essential for inventors, investors, academic institutions, medical device corporations, and patent attorneys. 

What I Do

With my experience in various fields I speak the vocabulary of engineering, medicine, intellectual property and businessI examine existing products in the field to see what the new innovations can bring to the improved practice of medicine. 

There are many steps between having a good idea and seeing a product in the market placeI have a lifetime of experience carrying out these steps and can share my knowledge to help you or your business.

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I am an engineer, physician, inventor, MBA and entrepreneur with 22 medical device patents, 4 non-medical device patents and 2 medical device patents pending. To see a list of my patents please click the button below.

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