Technology Assesment

Technology Assesment

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Medical Technology Assessment Services

Trying to patent, license, and commercialize an invention is challenging. I have firsthand experience with these processes, so allow me to explain how I can help.

University Technology Transfer

Universities often have a technology transfer office to evaluate, patent and commercialize inventions developed at the university. In some cases this has resulted in large royalty payments to the university and/or inventor. Since it is expensive to patent a technology and to license it, the technology transfer office must carefully consider the efficacy and commercial potential of faculty inventions. I, personally, have had inventions of mine handled by such offices and have earned substantial royalties. I am particularly adept at assessing new medical technology and negotiating licenses with industry.

Industry New Product Development

Medical device companies are often inundated with submissions from outside inventors as well as internal researchers. The companies must make reasoned judgements regarding the commercial potential of such submissions. As I live in the worlds of engineering, medicine and business, I am well suited to help with such determinations.

Technology Assessment Services

The technology will be assessed using my personal experience as an engineer, an entrepreneur, a MD, and a MBA.

Assessments will be done by:

  • Interviewing potential users or buyers of the new technology
  • Reviewing existing patents or patent applications
  • Reviewing the medical literature
  • Determining if a working prototype is necessary
  • Determining if a clinical trial is advisable
  • Designing clinical trials
  • Establishing relationships with opinion leaders in the medical field in which the invention will be used
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